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Ken Robinson’s video address to ‘A New Direction’ Dec 5 2011

I’m delighted to see that a great deal of what Ken has to say turns up in very specific and explicit ways on the pages of this blog. He talks – in his accessible and easy-going manner – of the need to re-engineer education’s “core purposes” (as opposed to promoting a “back to basics” agenda) and those purposes involve developing a curriculum based on relations between the economic, the cultural and the personal. He proposes that the link between creativity and multi-intelligence is core to the survival of our civilisation, which is quite a claim.

Like Williams, Robinson describes culture as a process; he talks of misconceptions about the notion of creativity, the questionable primacy of the literary canon, youth unemployment and school drop out rates as a consequence of our failure to engage young people, the sharing of meaning-making processes as a culture generator, policies that ham-string teacher innovation, creativity as practical applied imagination and the need for children to move towards a critical understanding of their own and others’ socio-cultural embeddedness. He even mentions enlightened elements of the Finnish education system.

If you have 40 mins to spare, it’s well worth a view:



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