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Spanish initiatives in film education

‘Cine y Educación: la formación del futuro espectador’ conference, Telefonica, Madrid, Sept 2012

Driven by social media over the past 2 years a grass roots movement called Tribu 2.0 has been promoting film in education in Spain. Co-ordinated by the irrepressible Mercedes Ruiz, a teacher at the Colegio Espanol Vicente Canada Blanch in Portobello Road,Tribu 2.0 oversees film activities for children, families and communities at national level throughout Spain. This group of Spanish teachers is now in collaboration with: La Fundación Telefónica, La Academia de Cine, Alta Films, prominent Spanish film directors, El Observatorio Europeo de la TV Infantil and government minister Susana de la Sierra, Director of the Instituto de Cinematografía y Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA). This powerful alliance is beginning to lobby for a national ‘Audiovisual Plan’ to integrate film into formal educational structures in Spain.

At the beginning of September 2012 I attended their first conference: ‘Cine y Educación: la formación del futuro espectador’ in the Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid and spoke about BFI Education’s various local, national and transnational school projects. Here’s a 3 minute synopsis of the Madrid event on Youtube and transcripts of my talk in English and Spanish.

‘Cine y Educación: la formación del futuro espectador’ conference, Telefonica, Madrid, Sept 2012

One of the initiatives featured in my talk was the annual Cent Ans de Jeunesse programme in conjunction with the Cinémathèque Française, Paris. Speaking with teachers after the talk it emerged that representatives from the Barcelona-based Cinema en curs, the Spanish contingent very much involved in the Cinémathèque project and in the running of many other school film projects, were also present as delegates at the Tribu 2.0 event. Cinema en Curs have well established film education practices and teaching programmes in Catalunya and other parts of the Spain, and now in Brazil and Argentina. It remains to be seen how both new and established national and international networks might connect in the furthering of film education awareness and practices. To this end, a database of film initiatives in the country is in the process of being gathered, starting with an appeal for posts on this

See also an article by education journalist, Mónica Bergós in Escuela, the national newspaper covering education.


Southbank/BFI Cultural Campus Projects 2012

Lambeth Schools, The Ring Residency, Music Group, BFI, June 2012

Lambeth Schools, The Ring Residency, Music Group, BFI, June 2012

Over 2012 I have been observing and capturing the activities of local schools in this year’s Cultural Campus Projects at London’s Southbank Centre, mainly in association with the BFI Education. I have posted photos and some research findings on the blog below. The 10 Capacities refer to a framework for a deeper understanding of arts education projects developed by the Lincoln Centre Institute, New York.

The participating schools this year were: The London Nautical School, Rosendale Primary School, Telferscot Primary School, Charles Edward Brooke Secondary School and Dunraven Secondary School.

Comments here and on the above blog are welcome as ever. You may also be interested in reading about last year’s week-long Lambeth Schools residency in June 2011 (pdf 1MB) whose stimulus was Vertov’s ‘Man with a Camera’.

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